New Year Resolutions

WinFit_Maintenance_KitEvery year we make New Year resolutions, one of the top resolutions is to become fitter and healthier. Our WinFit system is a fantastic product to help with this resolution. It is a fat-loss and body-shaping system that enables the body to perform at the highest possible level. It combines our patented technology with proven science and sensible nutrition, for results virtually anyone can achieve.

Here are some top tips to help you become a fitter and healthier:

  1. Be consistent: Create a schedule for yourself and follow this.
  2. Follow an effective exercise routine/meal plan: Break out your training sessions to ensure you are looking after your whole body.
  3. Set realistic goals: It is important to set realistic goals, doing too much at the beginning will set you up for failure. Gradually increase your goals.
  4. Use the buddy system: Having someone to lean on or help motivate you will keep you focused.
  5. Make your plan fit your life: It’s important that you fit this new routine into your current schedule.
  6. Be happy: Happiness is key! If you hate something don’t force it on yourself.
  7. Watch the clock: Your body clock, that is. Work out at times when you have lots of energy.
  8. Call in the pros: Take a few classes to make sure you are working out correctly to avoid any strains or injuries.
  9. Get inspired: Follow bloggers to keep inspired.
  10. Be patient: You won’t see results overnight. Be patient and the hard work will pay off!


Proper Exercise: Muscle growth and improvement of muscle tone occurs when the muscle is challenged. In other words, if a person were to exercise but not challenge the muscles (the exercise is light and easy), no improvements will occur. The best way to get consistent improvements in physical fitness is with progressive overload. This is the phenomena in which a person continues to challenge their limits. If the most push-ups you can do in a workout is 20, then on the next workout try to get 21 or 22, overtime continue to gradually increase your limits. Apply this to all exercises performed. A great way to continue to make improvements in fitness is to use LifeWave products like Energy Enhancer, Carnosine and the WinFit system.

Proper Nutrition: Body shaping (reduction in fat, increase in lean muscle) cannot occur when there is an inadequate consumption of protein and fat. In order to fuel muscle growth (to strengthen and tone) a protein meal should be consumed 4 times per day for women, and 5 times per day for men (depending on goals). Body shaping will also not occur if there is an inadequate amount of BCAA in the protein. So, if you consume cheese and it contains 8 grams of protein, you WILL NOT experience any improvements in your muscle. There is not enough protein to “turn on” protein synthesis. What is required is between 2.5 grams and 4 grams of the amino acid Leucine. Whey protein is rich in Leucine and why fitness enthusiasts consider whey protein to be the king of proteins. The bottom line is that when consuming protein at a meal, make sure you are getting about 40 grams of protein to ensure there is enough to experience a change in your muscle.

Proper Sleep: Body shaping cannot occur without proper rest. If you are only sleeping 4 or 5 hours a night, you will not be giving your body the time it needs to repair and recover from your exercise. A better target would be between 7 and 8 hours of sleep.  LifeWave offers products such as Silent Nights for improving the quality and time of sleep.

Overall it is vital to look after your health by eating well, drinking lots of water and by getting sufficient sleep this will help you through your new exercise routine.