New Wellness Systems – Now Available in the Shopping Cart!

Great news for LifeWave Members! We’re proud to introduce our new Wellness Systems, which are now available for purchase in the shopping cart.

Each Wellness System is comprised of LifeWave patches, Theta Nutrition supplements and Theta Activate, our activated nutrient system for rapid results. By purchasing a Wellness System, you save $30 off these individual products.

Comprised of the three distinct systems, these products include a wide range of benefits, summarized below:

Energy System includes the Energy Enhancer patches, which provide improved and sustained energy and are clinically proven to increase endurance. This system also contains Theta Fuel, which is a healthy alternative to energy drinks and helps combat fatigue on a cellular level.

Brain Boost System – offers the Silent Nights patches, clinically shown to increase length of sleep by an average of 66 percent, and Theta Mind, which supports cognitive function, including the support of focus, attention and memory.

Healthy Heart System – includes the Y-Age Carnosine patches, shown to increase stamina during physical activity by up to 125 percent, with continued use. This system also contains Theta Heart, which promotes optimal heart function, and promotes antioxidant properties that protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress.

We’re very excited for our Members to experience the powerful combination of products in our new Wellness Systems! Don’t hesitate – make your purchase today!