New Opportunity Being Tested for Diamond Enrollees Featuring X39®

We are testing a new program in the U.S. only where Diamond enrollees will see the default selection for product, within their kit, is 100% X39® (19 sleeves) with 25 Trifold brochures, 25 Benefits cards and 25 IFU brochures. It’s a business in a box!  This dedicated X39® Diamond Kit will allow you to focus on our flagship product and include a sampling program guide that lays out step-by-step how to give  prospective customers or distributors a seven-day supply of X39® FOR FREE and what to do for follow-up.

Sampling programs like this have already been tried by a few of our leaders, with great success! Tell your team!  As we move forward, we’d love to hear how you like this focused Diamond Kit.  Of course with positive feedback, we’ll consider rolling this out across the world.