New Findings Link Poor Diet to Cancer

In an article entitled, “Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective,” the World Cancer Research Fund reveals amazing insights on the connection between diet and certain forms of cancer.

Based on a thorough examination of 500,000 scientific articles focusing on 17 different types of cancer, 286 specialists developed the most wide-ranging and systematic report of its kind. The article reports what it calls “uncontestable findings” that 40 percent of all forms of cancer are preventable through diet, maintaining a normal body weight and moderate physical activity.

According to head researcher, Jan Erik Paulsen, there is good reason to believe that a bad diet is even more likely to cause cancer than smoking tobacco. More pointedly, that low carbohydrate diets recommending red meat for weight loss are particularly damaging.

“My theory is that heme iron is so stable that it survives the digestion of meat in the small intestine and goes on undamaged to reach the colon,” says Paulsen. “Here it reacts with the metabolites (intermediate and end-products of metabolism), which are produced by the bacterial flora and forms nitrosamines, which are known to cause cancer.”

Alarmingly, cancer rates are projected to rise as much as 75 percent globally by 2030, and are predicted to double in the poorest countries with the proliferation of a Western diet style. However, a diet consisting of the most powerful anti-cancer, nutrient-dense foods such as mushrooms, cruciferous greens, onions, berries, beans and seeds may be the best way to take a proactive and preventative approach.

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