Never Quit!

When Jim Caldwell, our VP of Marketing, was in the Philippines recently during the Asian X39™ Launch with our CEO David Schmidt, he had a great conversation with one of our LifeWave leaders about staying the course and remaining positive, despite set-backs. As Jim puts it, “In life, set-backs happen. It is part of living. But ‘success is failure turned inside out’ as that famous poem, Don’t Quit, by John Greenleaf Whittier, points out.”

The leader Jim spoke with talked about a trade show he had gone to where he paid thousands of dollars to be there, hoping to develop some quality leads for his LifeWave business. “He was a bit discouraged near the end of the show, as he had met really no one who he felt was worthy of the money he had spent to be there. He thought it was going to be a serious waste of money. But then, someone walked up, asked a number of smart questions, proved to be a highly influential medical doctor with a PhD as well. That prospect was the sole quality lead from that trade show, but he went on to be pivotal in helping LifeWave corporate open up an entire country!” Jim exclaimed. The LifeWave leader? He’ll recoup the cost of that trade show many times over.

Bottom line: never quit! You never know when that next step, that next meeting, that next 3-way call, that next lead… just may turn out to be the biggest of a lifetime!