Motivation Monday Webinar: Your Best Team-Building Tool!

In the last session, Susan Iida-Pederson shared her special brand of Q and L Coaching—ask Questions and Listen to the answers, instead of Talk and Tell—to help team members discover their own solutions and goals. As promised, our next Motivation Monday will focus on your best team-building tool ever: Growth Coaching.

Join us February 22 at 12 p.m. PST

In this upcoming webinar, Susan will train on which team members to coach, how long to coach them, what to say if they don’t do the actions they promised…AND, the one question to ask if you want confident and independent team members.

Susan will also show you how to use Q and L for creating high-energy, effortless team meetings and training events—an information-packed webinar worth tuning in for! A recording of this presentation will also be available in the Back Office under Resources > Marketing Tools > Webinars.

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