Mistakes New Network Marketers Are Prone To Do and How To Avoid Them

  1. Sharing the Product with others

Share, share and share some more. At LifeWave our products often speak for themselves. Network marketers are required to engage their consumers by sharing and help your recruits to share our products with others too.

  1. Lack of passion

As a network marketer, it is necessary to love what you do. Motivate yourself and always remember your goals. When you love the products you are selling, and have first-hand experience of using them, it’s a lot easier to sell to others. Get out there and share your personal experience – your passion will be your best-selling tool. In other words, become a product of the product.

  1. Success is in the Follow-up

It can be discouraging when you show someone a product for the first time and they say no. You may want to give up, but you should not despair – success is in the follow-up. It is necessary to follow up those who said that they might be interested to try later. Sometimes the ‘no’ might actually mean not at that very moment but maybe later. Try your luck and get back to your potential buyer later.