Member Spotlight

Member-Spotlight-300x213In this week’s issue we would like to recognise the efforts of a truly extraordinary leader in our community, Lorenzo McGrew.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and your LifeWave goals?

I have been in the network marketing industry for 27 years. Before this I was in the retail industry with 6 stores in Arizona and New Mexico.  In 1991 a Dr friend of mine introduced me to this industry, and I immediately connected with the Amazing concept that in order for you to succeed you have to help others do the same.  I loved it!!!!! At one point in my life I was looking for the right company to help millions of people with their health and financial situation (only if they want to), to be CAUSE over their existing situation.  And I feel so Blessed to find the right company: LIFEWAVE. I always tell my team that we have gold with very high value in our hands.  This is the perfect vehicle for many people to reach their RESULTS they want in their own life.  My goal is to continue living a full-filling life benefiting all my dynamics, increasing my level of awareness more and more every day.  My goals with LifeWave is to help thousands of people with Lifewave to CREATE the RESULT they want.  The higher and more crazy those RESULTS are the better game it is for me to help them out. I enjoy helping people find that CHAMPION they have with in.  I am very grateful to David Schmidt for his Leadership and Support.

  1. What was the first LifeWave product you used, tell us about your experience with this product?

The first product I used was the AEON Patch, which I considered it an Amazing product, obviously I continue using it.

  1. What has been your top LifeWave moment / memory?

One day a friend of mine told me how worried she was for her sister with Fibromyalgia having pain all the time. I called her sister and I heard the desperation in this person voice when I spoke to her on the phone. I felt deep inside my heart I MUST help her. I drove many hours from NYC to Canton Ohio and when I got there, in minutes she was sending a video to her sister being with no pain. There is no check in the world that can reward me more that the reward I got at this moment helping a human being the way I experience it.  The Great news are ANY BODY can do this as long as they know how to put a bandage as David Schmidt told us one time.

  1. What advice would you give to new members?

My advice is PLEASE do not complicate it. This is an easy and duplicable business. As easy as 123.  I have seen that people do not fail in this business, they just got the RESULT they were willing to work for. And most of the time is because there was no strong PURPOSE to push them to a better or bigger RESULT.  Or they had a lack of an ACTION PLAN.

Make sure you have these three things:

  1. The RESULT you want (Your What)
  2. The PURPOSE that will move you (your Why)
  3. Your MASSIVE ACTION PLAN (your how)


Thank you, Lorenzo, for everything you do to spread the word of LifeWave around the globe. You have set an incredible example for those around you of how to be successful in life while helping others and building an incredible business to last a lifetime.