Member Spotlight

Member-Spotlight-300x213In this week’s issue we would like to recognise the efforts of a truly extraordinary leader in our community, Christine Gay Girrbach.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and your LifeWave goals?

“I am 54 years old, mother of 3 loving children and living with my family in the beautiful French Alps. I am LifeWave Distributor for almost 10 years now and I love my life as an independent entrepreneur, having time for myself and for those I love, travelling to wonderful places, sharing time with like-minded people and being helpful and supportive for all who need and ask for. Thanks to both, the fantastic LifeWave products as well as the LifeWave business I am living a healthy, joyful and meaningful life and my LifeWave goal is to share our business opportunity and our natural solutions for a better health and a better quality of life with more and more people.”

  1. What was the first LifeWave product you used, tell us about your experience with this product?

“When I heard about the patches in 2008 I was curious about this technology and this new way to keep the body in balance and to stay young and healthy. So, I tried the Y-AGE patches Glutathione and Carnosine and I felt quickly more energy and strength (in tennis competition) and a better overall health (no more flu and cold in winter). But the best was to come! I had another fantastic, unexpected result: my skin tone became much nicer and the discoloration in my face that I had for almost 10 years improved month after month. No more make-up needed! The Y-AGE patches are still my favourite ones although I love Corsentials and the Winfit system, which are absolutely fantastic products for me to keep my body firm and in good shape.”

  1.            What has been your top LifeWave moment / memory?

“There are so many great moments I could share… each time I saw on someone’s face that something magical happened with the patches – a big smile, a thank you. For example, when I have patched a 16 year old girl who had a locked shoulder for over 4 month (she had fallen on it and it was very painful) and with 1 set of ICEWAVE patches within 1 minute her shoulder was pain free and she could move it again! Each time someone feels even a little better, I know why I am committed to LifeWave.

And there are also these fantastic moments at the Conventions. I remember when Sonja Loferer had this Mother with her baby give her testimonial in Vienna… there was so much emotion and gratitude in her words and in the heart of all LifeWave members. Not to forget the 2 fabulous LifeWave Cruises for members in the Mediterranean Sea and to the Bahamas. What a wonderful time we spent there all together, there was so much good energy!”

  1. What advice would you give to new members?

“Make your own experience with the products, ask your upline and other members all you want to know about LifeWave, but finally go with your gut. If you feel that LifeWave is for you, then go for it. Share your story, your vision and your plans. Stay tuned through webinars, social medias, LifeWave meetings and Conventions, share your experience as often as possible, the way you feel good with and have much fun! J”

Thank you, Christine, for everything you do to spread the word of LifeWave around the globe. You have set an incredible example for those around you of how to be successful in life while helping others, and building an incredible business to last a lifetime.