Member Spotlight

In this week’s issue we would like to recognise the efforts of a Member-Spotlight-300x213truly extraordinary leader in our community, Lisa Wu.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and your LifeWave goals?

“Before I use LifeWave patches, I constantly had flu problem, and took many medicine for .  It was LifeWave which made me stay away from the harmful medications.  When Corsentials launched on year 2014, I used it with patches, I saw great results from this product and overall my body became healthier.  I have kept my new shape until now.”

LifeWave’s mission is to keep people away from the harmful medications, and to live long, live well.  Such mission makes me feel to promoting LifeWave business is such honour thing to do. Therefore, my goal in LifeWave is help people stay away from the harmful medications, and to live long, live well.”

  1. What was the first LifeWave product you used, tell us about your experience with this product?

“One day when I woke up, I feel chest pain, it was severe that I couldn’t roll my body.  Luckily, I have IceWave patch right by my side, so I patched them immediately.  My chest pain was gone after a few minutes.”

  1. What has been your top LifeWave moment/memory?

“I have witnessed too many magical testimonials.  Every LifeWave story enhances my persistence and endeavour on my LifeWave’s business.”

  1. What advice would you give to new members?

“LifeWave’s products are exclusive in the market, it has great potential in the future.  In order to build a great team, you will need to use products on daily basis, fully aware how the backoffice works, understand the compensation plan and how to be promoted to higher rank.  You will need to run LifeWave business with a state mind of being a boss, and follow closely the marketing strategy of company.”

Thank you Lisa, for everything you do to spread the word of LifeWave around the globe.  You have set an incredible example for those around you of how to be successful in life while helping others, and building an incredible business to last a lifetime.