Member Spotlight

Member-Spotlight-300x213In this week’s issue we would like to recognize the efforts of a truly extraordinary leader in our community, Pernille Knudtzon.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and your LifeWave goals?

“I am dedicated to communicate and facilitate health, and I consider that we are in a paradigm shift. We get older and have the option to live longer and preferably better. Our health is so important. When we talk about diseases and illnesses we search for a cure, and that is brilliant when a broken leg is the issue. When we talk about health, we search for care, taking care of ourselves. I like that perspective, that we can improve our health by taking better care of ourselves in time ahead. This applies to physical health, mental and emotional health. We know that inflammation is causing a lot of trouble in the body. We also know that most of the LifeWave products are anti-inflammatory. My LifeWave goals is to live as healthy and happy taking care of myself, my family and my friends by the support of the cutting edge LifeWave products. Also to facilitate my team to grow and be healthy and also to grow economically.”

  1. What was the first LifeWave product you used, tell us about your experience with this product?

“IceWave was the best help for me when I had started playing tennis again after a break of 25 years in summer 2012. I went on the court hitting the ball as I still was 20 years old, and made myself a very swollen tennis elbow.  I patched it with IW and stacked the brown IW with Glutathione. To my very surprise I felt the swelling and the pain easing right away and in a couple of weeks I was back again on the court, actually I started playing a little even after one week. That is not the normal rate of healing a tennis elbow. It can take months for it to heal. I go so exited so I started patching friends and family, dogs and cats, literally everyone close to me –  just to see what I could do with the patches and to get experience. The success was over whelming. Since 2012 I have used the patched on myself, in my work with health and with my team. When Corsentials was launched, the success rate in healing pain, inflammation, stress, digestive disorders, sleeping better and perform better as a human being increased a lot. So the patches and Corsentials are still my favourite basic tools for health.”

  1. What has been your top LifeWave moment/memory?

“In the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 the Danish team really nailed it, and we witness a lot of growth, I am still proud of us building the team and achieving ranks. I really enjoyed the cruise in Caribbean and the leader meeting in Rome and Florida that brought all the international leaders together, that is very inspiring. But but …. the best is one thing: it is to see a smiling face when pain is eased, then I know that I made a difference by offering a patch for help. Those moments are what makes everything worthwhile.”

  1. What advice would you give to new members?

“First use the products yourself, and feel the benefit. Then you are the story, and people will ask you what you did and how this is possible. Be humble, set the expectations realistic, and count the happy smiles on peoples faces when you ease their burdens. This is what your business is built on.”


Thank you Pernille, for everything you do to spread the word of LifeWave around the globe.  You have set an incredible example for those around you of how to be successful in life while helping others, and building an incredible business to last a lifetime.