MATRIX 2 Greatly Reduces Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

Did you know your cell phone emits the same type of radiation as a microwave oven? It’s true. The same radiation that cooks your food is continually directed at your brain, one of the most sensitive areas of your body.

LifeWave’s MATRIX 2 provides a unique and powerful solution, unlike any other radiation shield product on the market. What sets it apart besides patent-pending, exclusive technology?  Most importantly, it’s shown to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation by up to 98 percent.*

Amid a heated and growing debate, it’s important to note that many health experts have united in an effort to warn expecting mothers about the danger of cell phone exposure.

“Right now, we are treating our children like experiments in a subject with no controls,” says founder of the Environmental Health Trust Dr. Devra Davis, who along with a group of health advocates launched a nationwide campaign called BabySafe Project.

However, there are sound, ethical reasons why studies on live test subjects can’t be done.

Says Dr. Davis: “It would be unethical if we were to say ‘let’s take one group of pregnant women and expose them to cell phone radiation and the other group not.’” Despite these research obstacles, there is widespread and increasing concern among notable experts and advocacy groups.

Perhaps the most significant thing to remember is that a growing number of authorities agree that prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation may have harmful effects. MATRIX 2 is a great way to simplify this problem for people of all ages and genders.

*Percentage of cell phone radiation reduction varies by phone model. Click here to see the SGS report on our website for further information.