March Campaign: Submit Your “Now I Can” Story

The more stories we can tell, the stronger this campaign will be, and that’s where you can help. Please share your “Now I Can” story based on how the patches have benefitted your health or your business (focus on any LifeWave patch you’d like). Please email all stories to

Here Are 2 Story-Telling Examples:

  1. A Simple Fill-in-the-Blank Approach:
    Before I tried [LifeWave patch], I had trouble with________________.
    Now I can__________________.
  1. A Narrative Approach

My dad had a bad back a few days ago and could barely get out of bed. Gave him some IceWave today and now we’re playing golf together!
#nowican #makeithappen #makeitmatter

Your Support Means Everything!
With your help, we can use genuine, heartfelt stories to develop a campaign that drives meaningful results. Please keep in mind that we need to avoid any statements that claim LifeWave products can diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or mitigate disease.

Remember to submit your stories to, and thanks for your support!