LifeWave Webinars: Great Marketing Tools at Your Fingertips

LifeWave webinars are a bountiful source of motivational tips, inspirational stories, and proven methods for achieving personal and professional fulfillment. But did you know you could listen to recordings of each one in your Back Office?

It’s true! There are over 50 recordings to choose from. Once you login, just click Resources at the top and then click either Marketing Tools or Women of the Wave on the left.

Apply What you Learn to Drive Results
Those who apply what they learn can achieve more than ever before and you can do the same. Here are some helpful suggestions on how to make the most of each recording:

  • Always take the recommended next steps: our hosts are successful entrepreneurs and motivational speakers who offer proven methods—be sure to follow through on their recommendations.
  • Listen and learn in a group setting: there’s no better opportunity for a productive group exercise—gather your team and have everyone share their main takeaways.
  • Create actionable goals: use insights provided by each webinar to establish measurable goals and time frames for your team—regroup at the end of each webinar to discuss the next-step action items.

Remember, this amazing resource is always available in your Back Office.

I’m Ready to Listen!