LifeWave Sponsors MOPH Event

LifeWave is happy to announce that we recently sponsored a benefit event in Palm Beach, Florida, for the Purple Heart Veterans of Florida, Inc., a subsidiary of The Military Order of The Purple Heart (MOPH), as part of our ongoing initiative to support Veterans. News coverage of the event appeared in several publications, including the Palm Beach Daily News and the Palm Beach Gardens Newsletter. The Florida Weekly also published pictures and a description highlighting the event. The Palm Beach Post is scheduled to publish a similar article within the next thirty days.

During the event, LifeWave Member, Thomas Burke, was honored and appointed “Ambassador” for the Purple Heart Veterans of Florida. In a formal presentation, State Commander Military Order of The Purple Heart Department of Florida, Richard Hunt, stated that “Mr. Burke’s past, present and ongoing contributions to our country’s heroic Veterans and their families should serve as an example to all.”

Commander Hunt also stated that this appointment is the first of its kind ever to be given in the history of the Order, which originated with George Washington.

The Ambassador position is a totally volunteer position, as is the entire organization of Purple Heart Veterans and the MOPH, with very few exceptions. At the 2013 State Convention, Thomas was also honored with the Order’s “Distinguished Service Award”, which is the highest award that can be given to anyone outside the Order. Thomas has said that he is honored, and at the same time humbled, by the appointment, and he pledges to fulfill associated duties for the betterment of the Order and all Veterans.