LifeWave Receives TWO U.S. Patents!

In 2002, when the first LifeWave patch prototypes were created, David Schmidt filed a patent on his pioneering invention.  For those who may not know, the normal patent process is that an application is submitted, then a patent examiner will reject the patent, and the applicant must resubmit the application by answering the examiners objections.  The process is inherently very rigorous and can take many years.

Therefore, we are extraordinarily pleased to announce that after a 10-year evaluation of our LifeWave technology, scientific research, and clinical studies, the United States Patent Office has issued two patents for LifeWave’s ground breaking non-transdermal patch technology based on their determination that our technology is novel, legitimate, and supported by proper scientific information. This development represents an extraordinary accomplishment for all of those who are part of the LifeWave community.