LifeWave Receives Six New Matrix 2 Patents!

As our Members know, we have an ongoing commitment to the research, development and protection of our intellectual properties. This helps ensure that we consistently provide our Members with new opportunities to build their businesses—opportunities driven by new products, derived from new technologies developed in our laboratories.

A number of years ago, we began investigating ways to protect people from the potential dangers of cell phone radiation. This resulted in the creation of the Matrix 2 technology, which met with great success and widespread acceptance from our Members. However, given the rapid evolution of cellular devices and the rampant proliferation of man-made radiation in our environment, we’ve now decided to focus on developing devices that protect the entire body.

To that end, we’re proud to announce that we recently secured six new U.S. patents in the field of radiation protection. We’ve yet to solidify a product release date, but we promise to keep you informed of any new developments moving forward. This represents yet another landmark achievement in the area of product innovation, the backbone of our global success as a company.