LifeWave Policies on Selling on Amazon and Ebay

Review of LifeWave Policy Regarding Amazon and Ebay

It’s come to our attention that more and more distributors are selling LifeWave products on Amazon and Ebay.  This is not permitted and members who use these avenues of selling are subject to termination and a $10,000 fine per occurrence from LifeWave. Please read the excerpts below from our LifeWave Policies formal document:

  • 4.14: The sale of LifeWave products on other online retail platforms (such as or is strictly prohibited.


  • 9.18 LifeWave Members may not sell LifeWave products on any internet auction site or mass retail site such as Amazon, EBay or any other similar sites. LifeWave members who use this form of selling are deemed to have an unfair competitive advantage. LifeWave members may not supply LifeWave products to any 3rd party individuals who knowingly intend to place the product on any mass retail site. Such behavior will result in the termination of the Rep’s account.