LifeWave Now Is Launched! New Live Webinar Will Keep You Informed in Real Time

LifeWave Now is here! We launched our first LifeWave Now webinar just 10 days ago on Wednesday, October 16 in the U.S., as a test. We’ll be working to bring this exciting form of communication to the rest of the world over the next few months. Jim Caldwell, our Marketing VP, and Paula Shaw, a Director with LifeWave and media host with her own radio show, will be presenting this regularly scheduled, 20 to 30-minute webcast. The purpose?  To keep you updated, informed and educated on all things LifeWave … from valuable updates, interviews with successful distributors, and other information  you need to know, now.

In our first webinar, we featured our guest speaker booked for the upcoming Las Vegas event, Phil M. Jones (see below).  In a fast-paced and lively discussion all about his “magic words,” he helped us see why they help you know “exactly what to say” in any situation.

Stay tuned for upcoming LifeWave Now webcast dates, as we continue the program in the U.S. with hopes to expand it worldwide in multiple languages with simulcast translation! An ambitious goal, but we just might pull it off!