LifeWave Live! San Diego 2017!

WinFit and the Three Pillars of Health
Enhance Your Life Through Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep

WinFit has produced record-breaking sales for good reason. This proven system can help you re-shape your body and build your LifeWave business like never before. And on March 18 you can attend one event that maximizes your personal and professional results. It all starts with using WinFit to enhance the three pillars of health: Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep.

See event highlights below. And don’t forget that online registration is open through March 14!


Using WinFit to Enhance Your Health

  • Learn how to customize the WinFit guidelines: nutrition, exercise and sleep.
  • Determine your protein intake for getting enough healthy fats, and gain a clear understanding of carb usages.
  • Live demonstration with audience participation, to maximize your results with WinFit Resistance Bands.
  • Best ways to use the WinFit patch, Y-Age Carnosine, Silent Nights and the Alavida patch to improve sleep and accelerate results.
  • Learn how Theta Nutrition increases HGH and IGF-1, why it boosts overall health, and why you need it to succeed with WinFit.

Applying What You Learn to Build Your Business

  • Fun Group contest: Win a Free WinFit System!
  • Learn how our business support systems are always there to help you succeed.
  • Special guest speaker
  • Leader presentations: best practices on building your LifeWave business, presenting to prospects and calling on prospects.
  • Recognition Ceremony