LifeWave Honors Two Norwegian Leaders

LifeWave is proud to announce that LifeWave Leaders, Roy Martinsen and Ann Kristin Topp, were recently awarded the prestigious “Distinguished Leadership Award” for taking the initiative to launch LifeWave in Norway!

Not only were Roy and Ann the first LifeWave Members in Norway, but they also developed the market where nothing existed before—and with very little support. This is true entrepreneurship, and we salute their spirit of being the first pioneer’s to build Norway for LifeWave.

Roy and Ann were presented the award at the conclusion of the CORSENTIALS launch event in Copenhagen, Denmark, on February 8.

The LifeWave “Distinguished Leadership Award” is given to Members who embody the mission of LifeWave, which is to improve quality of life for those around them, both in health and financial wellbeing.  A Distinguished Leader is one who offers solutions to life’s problems, is there when you need them, and gives freely of their time for the purpose of supporting others.

Roy and Ann define what it means to be a Distinguished Leader in every way.  They are extremely dedicated to LifeWave and adhere to the highest code of ethics.  Congratulations to Roy and Ann for joining an elite group of LifeWave Leaders who have earned this highly esteemed award!