LifeWave Holds Leadership Summit in San Diego

Since the inception of LifeWave in 2004, the company has continued to grow and expand on a global level thanks to our Leaders in the field. As we approach our tenth anniversary and prepare to usher in a new decade of excellence, we saw a great opportunity to have a meeting of the minds in beautiful San Diego.

Held on August 22, this North American Leadership Summit proved even more constructive and insightful than we had anticipated. Of course, one of the main reasons for the gathering was to reward and recognize some of LifeWave’s top Leaders and income earners. Beyond that, we also discussed new strategies and promotions to cap off 2014, a potential product launch in January 2015, and how we can create the best opportunities for all LifeWave Members around the globe.

The second Leadership Summit will be held in Rome, Italy, and is slated for sometime in mid-September. Thanks to everyone who made the San Diego meeting such a great success. We look forward to more of the same when we visit Rome next month!