LifeWave Expands Scope of Commitment to Purple Heart Veterans of Florida, Inc.

LifeWave, is proud to announce that it will be expanding the scope of its previous $2.1 million donation to the Purple Heart Veterans of Florida, Inc., a subsidiary of The Military Order of The Purple Heart Department of Florida. From this point forward, The Purple Heart Veterans of Florida, Inc. will provide assistance nationally to ALL Veterans with service related disabilities and an economic need, whether they are Purple Heart recipients or not. Previously, only Purple Heart recipients qualified.

Many Veterans live with severe pain and experience other quality of life issues, including combat related stress and sleep disorders. In many cases, expensive pharmaceutical drugs do not provide any significant level of relief. LifeWave’s extraordinary donation includes its exclusive patented health technology designed to deliver these Veterans rapid, natural and drug-free pain relief, stress reduction and now, improved sleep.

In a further expansion of its previous commitment, LifeWave will meet the needs of these brave men and women, by making its Silent Nights non-transdermal patch (for improved sleep) available in addition to its previous pledge of the IceWave (for pain relief) and Y-Age Aeon (for stress relief) patches. The retail value of this donation is in excess of $2.1 million.

LifeWave Founder and CEO, David Schmidt stated: “LifeWave continues to honor the brave men and women of the armed services who defend the United States: often with their lives. We believe that it is extremely important to meet the needs of all Veterans who sacrificed in the service of this country.”