LifeWave Celebrates the Holidays in Los Angeles!

In what we believe is a LifeWave “first,” over 270 people gathered in Los Angeles for a spectacular holiday dinner organized by LifeWave Leaders Nickie Chan, Larry Yang, and Julian Chung. The evening included a delicious Peking duck/lobster dinner, amazing product demonstrations and an inspiring talk by LifeWave Founder and CEO, David Schmidt—outlining many of the exciting things that LifeWave has planned for 2014. The evening’s guests also enjoyed a DJ, dancing, karaoke, a raffle and an awards ceremony recognizing excellence among our Members!

Many Leaders were in attendance including: Dr. Ky Do, Henry Tung, Andy Chow, Yolanda Chang, Robert Li, Angel Han, Jeff Mamora, Paul Yao, Roy Surjono, Chuck Michel, Rick DeLuca and Mitzi Ambrosio.

Guests witnessed two incredibly compelling product demonstrations. The first was a live strength test by Joe Gary. Joe is 6 feet, 7 inches and weighs in at 325 lbs. He is also a former Dallas Cowboy (of the National Football League) and All-American from the University of California at Los Angeles. Joe tried using an iPhone without our Matrix 2 technology while another volunteer tried to push his arms down. The volunteer was able to do so easily, without applying any real pressure. Then, after placing the Matrix 2 on the back of the iPhone, the same volunteer could not move Joe’s arms…at all!

Joe was the night’s most enthusiastic volunteer and agreed to demonstrate a second LifeWave product. This time the demonstration was a poignant reminder of the efficacy of the IceWave pain relief patch. Having just had a cast removed for a broken arm, he was at a pain level of 10 before being patched. After being patched with IceWave, Joe went to pain level of zero! Everyone present was touched by this emotional moment.

The combined power of these product demonstrations was the dramatic high point of a very special night that was unquestionably a memorable start to the 2013 Holiday Season!