LifeWave Ambassador Suzanne Somers Honored

The professional achievements of LifeWave Ambassador Suzanne Somers are indeed impressive, and recently another one was added to her career when she was formally recognized as one of the legendary leaders in the direct response marketing industry.

Suzanne achieved this milestone when she became one of ten luminaries in the direct response business to be inducted this month into the Direct Response Hall of Fame during ceremonies sponsored by the industry publication, Response Magazine, in San Diego, California.

(Huge News! Don’t Miss Hearing Suzanne Somers in June!  Suzanne is not only LifeWave’s high-profile Ambassador and spokesperson, she is also a noted actress and a #1 New York Times bestselling author  — not to mention being one of the most savvy entrepreneurs and advocates in the health/wellness field. These are all reasons why you won’t want to miss hearing and learning from her when she hosts the upcoming Women of the Wave (WOW) webinar, June 19 at 11 a.m. PDT.  So, mark your calendar now. More details to come soon!)

Suzanne’s achievements in direct response marketing span more than 20 years, and most notably began in 1990 with her highly successful promotion of the Thighmaster, which sold more than 10 million units. Her foray into the direct response television and home shopping market continued with other products related to health and fitness.  Recently, she launched “Suzanne Organics” – her line of skincare, haircare and cosmetics (all organic and certified toxic-free).  Today she is rated as one of the top infomercial celebrities of all time, but she’s also become the face for the alternative health revolution in the United States.

She was first introduced to LifeWave in 2006. After trying the patches and seeing their effects first-hand, she instantly became an avid supporter and uses the patches in her daily health routine. Her strong belief in LifeWave’s products and philosophy led to her title of “LifeWave Ambassador.” The author of 24 books on health and wellness (most  have become New York Times bestsellers), Suzanne has also included chapters on LifeWave in the pages of such works.