LifeWave Supports Veterans Assistance Program

As part of our ongoing support of U.S. military veterans, LifeWave proudly donates IceWave patches to the Veterans Assistance Program (VAP) of Polk County, Florida. Polk County has one of the largest veterans populations in Florida, and the popularity of our products continues to grow as more veterans organizations partner with the VAP.

According to Earl McMillian, VAP Coordinator, the organization expects even further support due to an upcoming TV appearance on Polk County’s “Today’s Veterans Program” airing March 29.

“We’re also receiving more requests for participation from California and Arizona LifeWave Distributors,” says McMillian. “The veteran beneficiaries deeply appreciate the pain relief provided by LifeWave patches, and we sincerely thank you all for your support.”

It’s a privilege to support the efforts of the VAP, along with the Purple Heart Veterans of Florida, Inc., a subsidiary of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH). Pharmaceutical painkillers often fail to provide sufficient relief to these veterans, who have sacrificed so much in service to our country. IceWave is a safe, powerful solution with no drugs, chemicals or side effects.