LifeWave: a Global Organization

It’s no secret that LifeWave‘s Members are active all over the world. As excitement for the Core System continues to grow, there will be Corporate and Leader-led launch events all over Europe and in North America. In addition to our Kick-Off event in Long Beach, California, and our European launch in Copenhagen, Denmark, there will be Leader-led LifeWave events in Reunion Island (France), Lyon (France), Mondsee (Austria), Dusseldorf (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain). You can find more details about each of these in the calendar at the bottom of this newsletter!

In fact, LifeWave Members hold meetings on a regular basis in every corner of the world! You can keep up with Member-led meetings and events here. The most recent of these was a fantastic, and very successful, training session held by Members in Taiwan. If you are curious about what these meetings look like, including the Taiwan meeting, we have a Facebook album called “LifeWave Meetings Around the World,” which has pictures of meetings across the globe. That album can be viewed here.

Special note regarding our 2014 Scandinavian Launch Event

We have recently been notified by European tax authorities that we must charge VAT on the registration fees for all meetings we have in Denmark, and in other countries as well. Thus, beginning on Monday, January 20, there will be a 25% “Value Added Tax” added to the current $49 registration fee. As you know, this tax is mandated by the tax authorities, and thus no portion of it goes to LifeWave. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.