L-Arginine May Help Combat Belly Fat

Central obesity (excessive fat around the stomach and abdomen) has been linked to a higher risk of cardiometabolic disease than any other form of obesity. A new study published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements and referenced on foodconsumer.org indicates that using L-Arginine as a dietary supplement may help combat this problem.

Led by Ryan T. Hurt, MD-PhD from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, the study involved 20 non-diabetic, obese women ages 18 to 40, and measured the effects of three grams of L-Arginine consumed three times daily for a 12-week period. The 12-week supplementation led to a nearly three-inch average reduction in waist size and an average weight loss of over six pounds for research participants.

One of the 22 amino acids found in high-protein foods (especially peanuts), L-Arginine has been used to improve libido, sports performance and cardiovascular health. By increasing nitric oxide, its function is shown to increase blood flow and the dilation of blood vessels.

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