Interstitium: The Body’s Newest Organ

The latest discovery of the “interstitium” has taken the scientific world by storm. What was once believed by several medical experts throughout the years to be dense connective tissue below the skin’s surface and surrounding the human body’s organs has proven to be a complicated course of fluid filled sockets.

This magnificent discovery came because of a new endoscope during probing, using laser and fluorescent dyes, to view the live tissue under a microscope. During the examination of the patient’s bile duct, a sequence of cavities was found that don’t fit with the known biology of the bile duct.

Astonished with the finding, the results were taken to pathology expert Neil Theise who along with the team, created a unique way to process bile duct biopsies ensuring the samples remained hydrated at all times. The discovery, proved to be an interconnected web of fluid filled sacs supported by a mesh of proteins.

In fact, it was believed for years that these cracks were as a result of processing! The implications of the research are fascinating with Theise suggesting that the interstitium could be a fundamental force in driving cancer metastasis as well as offering a biological explanation for the reported efficacy of techniques such as acupuncture.

What an incredible discovery!