Incredible CORSENTIALS Testimonial!

If you ask our Founder and CEO, David Schmidt, what he loves most about LifeWave, the answer is often short but profound: “Our products, and the technologies we invent that they are based on, improve people’s lives in a dramatic way.” With that in mind, we’d like to share a personal story from a friend of David and his wife Nikki.

Jonathan Hoggett is a triathlon/duathlon competitor who’s had an amazingly positive experience with CORSENTIALS in competition. Please read his story below, written in his own words.

“Following a serious knee injury that ended my semi-professional soccer career, I was looking for another sport that offered that competitive edge. It took two years of solid rehab just to get back to jogging, and during that time I taught myself to swim and did some biking as well. So at that point I thought, why not give triathlons and duathlons a go?

 In my first year of rehab, my fitness was slowly coming back and I started placing in the top ten in races. The following year, I decided to take it a bit more seriously to see how far I could go. This is when David recommended trying CORSENTIALS to supplement my training.

With no preconceptions, I started using the product daily and noticed I instantly felt fresh and vitalized. No matter how hard I trained, I felt energized and could push my body to new limits. Not long into the race season I was really seeing results, placing in the top three and even winning some events. After using CORSENTIALS for a month, I entered a triathlon in England and finished second. I probably could have won, if I wasn’t accidentally knocked off the road by a passing car! Despite this setback, CORSENTIALS provided the boost I needed to get back on my feet and finish second. 

The highlight of my season is qualifying to represent my country in April, at the upcoming European Age Group Duathlon Championships in Madrid. There’s no doubt that CORSENTIALS has really made a difference in my competitive performance!”