Important Marketing Updates!

We have a wide range of new marketing tools that we’re continuing to unveil in the coming weeks—see the list below for updates on some of these materials. To download them, visit the Back Office and click the main Resources tab, and then click Marketing Tools on the left.

  • Alavida PowerPoint Presentation: Now available in English, Spanish, Italian and Polish, use this dynamic tool for meetings and presentations of any size.
  • Alavida Email Scripts: Email is a great way to stay connected with Alavida Customers and potential LifeWave Distributors. These four sequential scripts, now available in English, French, Italian and Polish, help you follow up on initial conversations, meetings and emails.
  • Alavida My Action Plan (English version now available): My Action Plan is a simple checklist of highly achievable goals to build your Alavida business. And the great thing is everyone can participate together! Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar that explains My Action Plan in greater detail.

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