I no longer have to give the boys any harmful pain meds

‘My son has using LifeWave X39 only when he has back pain and the day of his golf tournaments. But since he started playing at college level, his back pain flared up more often due to the intensity of all the work out and practices.

A week before he left for Colorado on his first college tournament, we decided to patch him with LifeWave X39™ every day during his workout and practice.

During this tournament, we use the same protocol as before; energy, carnosine and X39. The difference this time on these 36 holes was that, there was no break in between the 18 holes round…. straight up 36 holes! We decided to add additional energy patch after 24 holes.

Tyler played 4 rounds of golf in 3 days. At the end of the tournament, he said ‘that 36 holes had to be the easiest 36 holes yet, I had no back pain and I did not feel tired! My focus level remained the same through out! I am pleased with the result on my first collegiate event, top 15 was not bad at all.’

Thank you, David, and LifeWave. I no longer have to give the boys any harmful pain meds.’

– Jane Schafer