How to Get LifeWave Notifications on Your Facebook Feed

These days, social media is an important tool for growing your business and staying connected to the world around you. It’s also a great way to keep abreast of the latest LifeWave news, events, promos and more.

If you’re not getting LifeWave notifications on your Facebook feed, we have an easy solution. In Facebook, visit the LifeWave page, click the down arrow by “Liked” and choose “Get notifications.”  That’s it!  Now you can stay current on all the latest LifeWave happenings.

To keep the information flowing, choose the best content to help market your growing LifeWave business. Nothing builds momentum better than inspiring, informative news, and there’s certainly no shortage of that with the LifeWave family.

Look forward to similar social media tips in upcoming Splash issues!