Great News! The 2-cycle minimum requirement to earn a first level matching bonus has been removed!

We are continually looking to make it easier for those working part-time at the lower volume levels to earn more money, sooner.  So after careful analysis, we’ve decided to remove the 2-cycle minimum requirement needed to earn a first level matching bonus! And it starts immediately… Commissions paid out on June 4th will include this upgrade! The other important qualifications remain in place, but by removing this requirement you can earn dollars faster and sometimes receive a commission when you might not have otherwise. Our back-testing revealed that when we implemented this improvement, we saw a 60% or more increase in the number of members earning commissions. So this will make a difference!  Add in the New Member Bonus and together, newcomers and part-timers will often be able to earn more money, sooner… thus bolstering our retention rate, one of the holy grails of network marketing.  So keep sharing our amazing products and business opportunity and we will continue to work to help all members be more prosperous, faster!