Great New Pricing on CORSENTIALS, Theta One and Theta Activate!

We have some great news to share! Based on widespread feedback from our field, we’ve decided to reduce pricing on some of our most important products (CORSENTIALS, Theta One and Theta Activate).

Here’s a Breakdown of All New Pricing:


  • Retail price: $129.95
  • Wholesale price: $99.95
  • Retail commission: $30
  • BV: 71

Theta One

  • Retail price: $99.95
  • Wholesale price: $69.95
  • Retail commission: $30
  • BV: 45

Theta Activate

  • Retail price: $69.95
  • Wholesale price: $49.95
  • Retail commission: $20
  • BV: 30

Help Yourself While Helping Others
This new pricing makes it easier for you to enjoy the many benefits provided by these well-loved products. It also means you can more easily share them with your downline, retail Customers, and any new prospects.

Theta Nutrition: Great for Product Demonstrations
In 2015, Theta One and Theta Activate won the DSA ETHOS Award for Product Innovation and for good reason. Working together, they allow more nutrients to enter our cells than other nutritional supplements, for fast, effective results you can feel. This also makes them ideal for product demonstrations and in-home meetings.

After careful consideration, we’re confident that this new pricing will benefit everyone in our global community. We appreciate your flexibility and look forward to great results in the field!

Please Contact Customer Service With Questions: