Getting paid weekly is the exception, not the rule… and it’s a beautiful thing!

Recently our VP of Marketing, Jim Caldwell, was in Munich, interviewing leaders on camera from across Europe, to learn key insights from their experience and knowledge of LifeWave and network marketing. One topic that came up several times, as they reflected on what made LifeWave unique, was how they were paid weekly … and how grateful they were that LifeWave did that. Did you know that LifeWave paying weekly like clockwork is the exception, not the rule? It’s true! Few, if any, large network marketing companies pay their distributors weekly. It is often monthly. So early next week when you receive your weekly commission payment for all your hard work spreading the great news about LifeWave, just know that LifeWave is committed to putting money into your pocket, fast. And when you are sharing the opportunity with others, tell them about that. It makes a difference!