French Ski Jumper, Léa Lemare, Loves Alavida!

LifeWave has a long history of helping professional athletes and Olympians enhance their competitive performance. High on our list is Léa Lemare, a professional ski jumper and member of the French World Cup Ski Jumping Team. Lemare started ski jumping at the age of seven and was the 2013 National Champion. Below, she explains how Alavida helps her overcome the elements that every skier faces.*

“I have lot of skin problems from being in cold weather. My skin gets really dry and sometimes it hurts. But with Alavida, it’s much better and not dry anymore. It’s like having baby’s skin and it feels awesome!”

We couldn’t be more proud to have Léa on the LifeWave team! Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for updates on her accomplishments throughout the year.

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