Final Testimonials from Suzanne Somers Book Giveaway!

First of all, we want to thank everyone for participating in this special promotion. The testimonials we received are a great source of inspiration, and we really appreciate the effort. With that in mind, the final submissions below are the perfect way to conclude this awesome giveaway!

“First, LifeWave patches changed my life by removing a pain in my neck in just three weeks—something I’d been struggling with for more than 12 years! Afterwards it changed my way of living, giving me the ability to help people all around the world. Today I’m proud to say I run my own business and have better control of my life thanks to LifeWave.”
— Jesper Pederson, LifeWave Distributor

“I get so many compliments on how I don’t look my age. It’s a real confidence booster. We have that fountain of youth everyone is looking for!”
Julian Yang Chung, LifeWave Distributor

“LifeWave truly made me feel like myself again. At a time when life was causing havoc for my health and well-being, I discovered LifeWave reading Suzanne Somers’ books. I started using the patches for energy, detox and just feeling better…within six months my husband noticed a dramatic difference in my moods. Thank you LifeWave for putting the spring (and Spring) back in my life!”
— Laura Fuher, LifeWave Distributor