Facebook Tools to Help You Grow Your Network

Social media is constantly developing, we all know the most popular, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But do you know about the tools hidden within these platforms that can make a huge difference to you for growing your network?

Let us look at Facebook, over one billion people are signed up with accounts to this fantastic website. That means potentially growing your network to over one billion people, by sitting behind your computer in the comfort of your own home. Sounds great, right?

Well that’s just one network. An incredible tool on Facebook is Facebook Live. This live streaming tool makes it simple to connect with your network.

A tip is to post that you will be hosting a Facebook Live event and discussing certain products and/or how to use these products. For example, creating a Facebook Live event and discussing the importance of taking supplements such as Theta Pure for a more balanced diet and the benefits of this can help promote your products but also grow your network as people can invite their friends to the Facebook Live event. This is an excellent tool that can be under-utilised at times.

Another excellent feature of this tool is the power of notifying your audience when the Facebook Live begins so they can tune in. Creating events and groups on this platform also helps to grow your network, with great succession in “Hints and Tips” groups where users share and offer advice. These simple, easy-to-use tools can really make a difference to your online presence while developing your network at the same time!