Eliminate Stress & Inflammation NOW!

Do you feel stressed? Do you want relief from it but just don’t want to use harmful drugs and chemicals in your body? Nobody is resistant to stress. Here at LifeWave we understand that and so much so we developed a drug free, chemical free patch, Y-Age Aeon!

Y-Age Aeon patches have been clinically proven to reduce stress in the body. Promoting relaxation, Aeon has been tested and proven to reduce stress and inflammation, the two main causes of aging.

Combined with IceWave patches to provide pain relief, our patented, proprietary form of phototherapy, Aeon should be placed on the back of the neck with a set of IceWave patches placed at the point of pain.

Although it has been reported that individuals feel greater levels of energy, we recommend using the Y-Age patch for 90 days to really reap the anti-aging benefits!

The evidence is provided that, Y-Age Aeon produces a balance in the nervous system, which aids in the curtailment of stress and stress-related problems.

Not only can the Aeon patch reduce stress and inflammation, when used in conjunction with Y-Age Carnosine and Y-Age Glutathione it can be expected to see an improvement in skin colour, texture and wrinkles around the face in almost 2 weeks.

Get yours TODAY and see how much better you feel! https://www.lifewave.com/corporphan/store/products/patches