Dr. Melinda Connor’s Dramatic Findings on X39™

If you were unable to attend our USA Live! Event in Los Angeles March 29-31, you missed what many have said was the best Live event ever. There were a number reasons why, but certainly one of them was independent scientist Dr. Melinda Connor and her 1-hour presentation on her important findings from studying X39™. Her credentials added gravitas to her statement about how impressed she was with LifeWave science. As she said: “You really have something powerful here!”


Dr. Connor gathered hard science data on a number of indicators including respiration, blood pressure, heart rate variability and more… in addition to saliva and urine testing. The bottom line: “X39 does some really cool things.” Within 24 hours she saw statistically significant changes (verified by an outside statistician) pointing to better sleep, less stress, more muscle relaxation, lower blood pressure. She also stated, “There were 16 amino acids changes in metabolism. No study I am aware of has ever shown that many changes from a single product or procedure.” Amazing. With her first clinical study completed, and another one on the way, we will keep you informed as results come in!