Don’t Let Networking Get Boring!

Networking is one of the most fundamental parts to any business, however, have you ever been at an event speaking to some new people and finding yourself lost for things to talk about? For many of us it can be a challenge to come out of our comfort zones when we interact with new people. With that, we have compiled a list of topics to help you build your network and your business.

Engaging with people on a personal level helps to build up the relationship, asking them where they grew up leads you down a whole path of stories. The great thing about this subject matter is you can gauge where this person has contacts – they may have grown up in a completely different country, this leads them on to how they got into network marketing and why they got into it.

Asking new people what they do for fun steers the conversation away from work life and gives you a greater insight into their personal life. You both may have similar interests and if so, AMAZING! You may have just made a new friend as well as growing your network.

We have spoken about the importance of spending time with your network previously, engaging with them on a more personal level and allowing the conversation to flow naturally is a fundamental part of network marketing.