Does Fasting Slow Down Aging?

Research has emerged from MIT suggesting that fasting for 24 hours helps with regeneration of stem cells!

As we age, our stem cells become less effective – making us more susceptible to infection of the body and can take recovery much longer than it would for a younger person. With this, research has proven that depriving your body of calories for a set period can have fantastic health benefits.

The team at MIT carried out tests on younger and elderly mice, restricting calories for both groups. They then took samples of intestinal stem cells and grew them in culture, evolving into mini-intestines.

It was found that the mice who were fasting for 24 hours developed twice the regeneration abilities of the other mice who consumed regular amounts of food.

Author of the study, Maria Mihaylova, clarified that fasting had an incredibly positive impact on the capability of intestinal crypts to cultivate more organoids, which is stem cell driven. Fasting generated a metabolic switch, meaning the animals could burn more fatty acids rather than carbs. With further research, it is hoped that medical treatments to burn fat and increase longevity without the need to fast!

While the scientific literature is showing the value of fasting as it relates to stem cells, in practical terms it is very difficult to fast for anyone to fast for 24 hours at a time. The LifeWave X39 patch is an effective, safe and clinically proven method of elevating a peptide known to activate stem cells, leading to extraordinary health benefits. Just simply apply the patch, and no fasting necessary.