Direct Selling News: Unleashing the Power of People

A recent Direct Selling News article extolls the virtue of people, our industry’s greatest power. All cliché’s aside, the strength of any direct selling business model is the collective efforts of those in the field. To harness this unlimited human potential, companies in our space should go out of their way to nurture, support and champion the people that make it all possible.

For Distributors themselves, acquiring knowledge and taking personal initiative go hand in hand. That’s because knowledge is the foundational building block for success, which increases confidence and ultimately helps these business builders generate the sales revenue all companies need to thrive.

At LifeWave, we go out of our way to back our Distributors in the field, because we know we wouldn’t be here without them. Our world-class support includes: marketing materials, training and product videos, motivational webinars, a robust Back Office, personalized websites, and promotional events with hundreds of LifeWave Members who are always willing to help.

Of course, our ongoing commitment to product innovation is central to any LifeWave Distributor’s success. With the upcoming release of our breakthrough skin care line, the future looks bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before, and we can’t wait to see the results! Thanks to all of our people in the field who help make LifeWave the great company it is.