Did You Know: We Have New Videos to Watch and Share?

Video is a powerful medium that engages a wide range of audiences, and we have several new ones to view and share. Read below for a description of the videos and where to find them:


  • LifeWave Brand Video: located in the bottom right corner of the homepage under “ABOUT US.” This video makes a strong emotional connection with viewers—an ideal introduction to LifeWave.
  • Phototherapy Video: visit the main patch product page to view this video—use the description in this video when explaining our patented technology.
  • Patch Placement Videos: Whether for personal use or training purposes, understanding patch placement is essential to the LifeWave experience. These videos are also located on the main patch product page, next to each patch product.
    • Share any of these videos by clicking the paper airplane icon just below the heart icon in the top right corner.

LifeWave Basics

  • LifeWaveBasics.com currently includes:
    • Onboarding and training videos, created specifically to help new Distributors succeed
    • Patch protocol videos for learning how to apply the patches
  • Note: Please provide your feedback—currently, this site is in the English-only testing phase, but we’ll gladly consider adding your suggestions when we launch it in all languages. Just complete this quick survey to provide feedback.

LifeWave YouTube Channel:

  1. YouTube channel has the full spectrum of LifeWave videos, old and new. Click “Playlists” at the top of the page, and then choose any video below to view in your preferred language.
  2. When you’re done watching a video, remember to click “Share” under the red “Subscribe” button—the more people that watch the better!


The AcuLife patch provides safe and natural pain relief for horses. Visit aculifetraining.com to view two important videos:

  • A technology overview of AcuLife
  • All necessary AcuLife patching protocols for our four-legged friends