Customer Service Update

To ensure our Customer Service Team can deal with your query quickly and effectively, please make sure you do the following things when calling:

  • Have your ID and password ready when you are calling, so we can verify who you are.
  • Try not to use Loud-Speaker, sometimes we have issues hearing your requests with our phones.
  • If you are calling to place an order, ensure you have your credit card ready for processing

Also, we would like to recognize the stellar job the LifeWave Customer Service Team is doing in our LifeWave EU office! A third party company that specializes in auditing customer service and other internal operations of companies, anonymously made calls to LifeWave EU Customer Service in early February and assessed many aspects of the service rendered.

From problem-solving skills to courteousness to protocol compliance and more, the final conclusion: Very Good! Descriptions like “upbeat…” “efficient…” “knowledgeable…” and “polite…” were seen throughout the report summary. Congratulations to Emer and our entire Customer Service team for performing at such a high level! Definitely a job well done!