Customer Service Update – Improving the Distributor Experience over the next few months

The planning and purchase of a new, state-of-the-art cloud-based telephony platform (that will be able to function globally over time), plus associated customer relationship software, are in process.  This is a big deal!   Once installed, these systems will be able to (among many other efficiency-improvement tools) record every call — great for training purposes to improve the Distributor experience.  Routing calls based on things like language requirements or hold times or caller ID will bring powerful, new efficiencies to Customer Service.  One of the new metrics we will be measuring (among many to be measured), will be “first-call resolution” — how many calls did we resolve on the first call…key for overall customer satisfaction.  We are on track for significant improvements in the Distributor experience and we will keep you posted as these new, wonderfully robust capabilities come on stream over the next few months.