Customer Service Reminder: Payout Cap

LifeWave offers one the most generous commission plans in the industry, but it’s a good idea to review what the payout cap is, why it exists and how it’s calculated. Since the volume credit in a binary compensation plan goes to infinite depth, it drives commissions up to infinitely high amounts as well. For that reason, there must be a system limitation on this calculation (Payout Cap).

LifeWave’s Payout Cap is 60 percent of the total BV that comes through the system in any commission week. For example, if the total BV in a commission week amounts to 100,000 points, the combined total commission payout for cycle pay and matching bonuses is $60,000. It’s also important to note that the Payout Cap is only applied to cycle pay and matching bonuses, and we always exempt the first four cycles.

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