Customer Service Reminder: Allotted Time on Commissions

It’s come to our attention that some of our Distributors are attempting to collect commissions that are over two years old. In light of this, we want to make sure everyone understands the LifeWave company policy with regards to this issue.

Please make note of LifeWave policy 10.8.1: In lieu of charging a monthly Account Management fee, commissions that are unclaimed within two years will be forfeited by the Distributor. It costs LifeWave a substantial amount of money to maintain funds in the accounts that aren’t being used. So for obvious reasons, it’s crucial that they are removed from our system. Therefore, we highly recommend that all Distributors collect their earned commissions as soon as possible.

We have and easy solution.
Start by requesting a Pay Portal account as soon as your earn your first commissions. Here are the steps to complete this process:

  1. Email, and request a Pay Portal account. Please include a copy of your personal identification.
  2. Once we create your account, you can activate it and request your LifeWave Visa card directly within the account. Please note that LifeWave does not issue the Visa Card.
  3. Find easy instructions for setting up your Pay Portal here: LifeWave Back Office > RESOURCES > Commission Pay Card > LifeWave Pay Portal-Getting Started Guide.

We hope this clears up any confusion. Please contact us with questions or concerns:

  • USA Customer Service
    1 (866) 202-0065 /
  • Europe Customer Service
    +353 91 874 600 /