Dear LifeWave Autoship Member:

We noticed that you’ll be receiving one patch sleeve this month, and just wanted to send a friendly reminder to update your Autoship.  Staying on active status through Autoship is a great way to buy our products at a discounted price, and we have an easy solution!

How To Stay Active
With the upcoming price reduction for patches ($49.95 for Members), you’ll now need to buy two (or more!) patch sleeves each month instead of one to reach a minimum of 55 PV to stay active. This will make your monthly PV 78 and your Autoship bill will now total $99.90 plus tax and shipping. That’s it. No other changes are required!

Remember, this price change takes effect on January 11, so be sure to update your Autoship as soon as you can. Thanks for your cooperation and good luck in the field!

How to Update Your Autoship
Contact LifeWave Customer Service: